Ribbon Cuttings

Do you have a grand opening or major anniversary to celebrate? We want to help you celebrate your success — contact us at (727) 584 - 2321 or email Emmy at membership@remove-thiscentralchamber.biz

The Central Pinellas Chamber will provide you with the large, ceremonial scissors, ribbon and Chamber members. We are not professional photographers but will take photos and post on social media while tagging your business.

Date Selection

  • We will work with you to choose a date that doesn't conflict with Chamber or community events and holidays; Monday thru Thursday, mornings and late afternoons work best.
  • Plan on preparation and promotion time - three to four weeks.


The Chamber will promote your ribbon cutting in our E-Connection newsletters, our calendar of events and Facebook page. You should co-host the Facebook event created by the Chamber to increase outreach.

Be sure you invite others as well. Consider:

  • Current, past, and potential customers
  • Family and friends
  • Suppliers
  • Your employees and their spouses/guests
  • Media
  • Those that helped you get started: banker, accountant, lawyer, architects, builder, realtor, etc.
  • Neighboring businesses
  • Key local government officials


Providing time-appropriate refreshments is very well received. For a morning event it’s nice to offer coffee, juice, bagels, or pastries, while during an evening event offering light hors d'oeuvres or finger foods is appropriate. Hiring a caterer is helpful, and the Chamber can provide a list of member caterers to assist.

Program Planning

  • We will work with you to create an event agenda. A brief program adds focus to the event.
  • Ideas to consider: introduction of key people that helped you make this milestone possible; speeches from leaders in the community (keep these brief); and possibly a tour of your facility if time permits and is necessary with your type of business.

Additional Suggestions

  • Have plenty of brochures, business cards, and handouts available for your guests. If possible, have promotional items such as pens, magnets, mugs, etc. available to hand out.
  • Have a drawing or giveaway. Winning a sample of your product or a gift certificate to a nice restaurant can add to your guests’ enjoyment and perhaps build attendance.