How It Works

Central Pinellas ChamberCARES is a community outreach initiative of the Central Pinellas Chamber and Chamber Education Foundation. It fosters active engagement of the business membership in support of a cause, program or service provided by a member non-profit organization.

Each year, a program and/or project will be adopted from requests received by Chamber member non-profit organizations. The Chamber Board of Directors will oversee the selection process and manage activities.

The 2023/2024 Chamber Cares Project: Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School

This year ChamberCARES is supporting students in need at Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School. The school has a special program that provides day-to-day essentials to a large segment of its student population, which is economically disadvantaged, many experiencing homelessness. 

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The 2022 Chamber Cares Project: Be a Santa to a Senior

We collected over 30 gift bags for seniors! Thank you everyone for donating. 

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The 2021 Chamber Cares Project: Be a Santa to a Senior of Pinellas

From July to December, we came together to show our seniors they haven't been forgotten this holiday season! We've received over sixty gift bags and had five pick-ups from the Be a Santa to a Senior team. Thank you everyone for donating!